2SLGBTQ+ Volunteer Inclusion Assessment Tool


Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion in not-for-profit organizations is not an option but a necessary culture that directly impacts organizational growth and community impact. Two of the core benefits of diversity and inclusion in not-for-profits are;

  • The inclusion of a diverse pool of staff and volunteers give the organization a wider reach into the diverse community it serves.
  • The inclusion of a diverse pool of staff and volunteers enable a participatory decision-making approach leading to better decisions.
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About the Assessment Tool

This is an organizational assessment tool to help you get a baseline for your organization’s diversity and inclusion. It is recommended that at least 75% of your organization’s staff, as well as 75% of your organization’s volunteers, completes this survey for higher baseline accuracy. The tool is developed to focus on your organization's Volunteer Engagement. However, since Diversity and Inclusion is applicable to everyone involved with your organization, it can be viewed from a staff and client perspective as well. The questions are grouped under the following sections;


A) Declaration and Policies; B) Human and Volunteer Resources; C) Intake and Consent Forms; D) Orientation and Training; E) Safer Spaces, Support and Supervision; F) Marketing, Communications and Outreach

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Assessment Results

The results will be used to develop learning programs and resources for not-for-profits to create safer spaces for every volunteer involved with their organization. Your organization will receive a report formulated based on the responses to the assessment. 

Rating Scale

Yes = The organization has a well-defined plan and has already implemented the plan.

No = The organization does not have any plans or policies in place at present.

In Progress = The organizations have commenced conversations or planning.

Need to Find Out = Person/group filling this assessment has no firm knowledge whether a plan or policy exists or not.


To complete this assessment, prepare with the following:

  • Organization mission statement, values, and principles
  • Anti-discrimination policy
  • Staff and volunteer dismissal policy
  • Access to information policy and procedures
  • Key intake and consent forms (online and paper) of the organization
  • Human resource development policy, procedures and manuals
  • Volunteer recruitment policy, procedures and manuals
  • Program planning guide
  • Learning and Development Policy, procedures and manuals
  • A committed team to coordinate the completion of assessments

Development Team

Lead Developer: 

Shaminda Perera, Manager of Learning & Resource Development, Volunteer MBC

Subject Matter Expertise:

Yoshith Perera, 2SLGBTQ+ Programs Manager, Peel HIV /AIDS Network

Ziva Gorani, 2SLGBTQ+ Special Projects Coordinator, Peel HIV /AIDS Network

Matthew Conte, 2SLGBTQ+ Training and Capacity Building Coordinator, Peel HIV /AIDS Network


This tool was developed based on the following resources and, the review and subject matter expertise from the Pride in Volunteering project partners:

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