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Portrait Image of Shaminda Perera

Shaminda Perera, MEd.

Entry link: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act Training

Entry link: Act: Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act

Entry link: Board Candidate Assessment Form

Entry link: Board Composition and Recruitment Matrix

Entry link: Board Governance Training Programs

Entry link: Board of Directors Evaluation Questionnaire

Entry link: Board of Directors Self-evaluation

Entry link: Board Structure Chart: Working Board

Entry link: Canada’s Charitable Sector: What to Expect in 2019

Entry link: Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement (2017ed.)

Entry link: Certification, Certificate, Diploma, and Degree: What's the Difference?

Entry link: Charter of Volunteerism

Entry link: CNIB Ambassador Program – Training Guide

Entry link: CNIB's Philosophy on Volunteerism

Entry link: Code Audit Tool (CCVI 2017ed.)

Entry link: Competency Matrix Development Template

Entry link: Corporate Social Responsibility Trends

Entry link: Creating a Business Plan

Entry link: Data Collection for Program Evaluation

Entry link: Data on Giving, Volunteering and Participating in Canada

Entry link: Diversity and Inclusion: 2SLGBTQ+ Volunteer Inclusion

Entry link: Diversity in Governance

Entry link: Eight Best Practices of Non-Profit Boards

Entry link: Eight Steps to Building a Successful Business case

Entry link: Eight Strategies for Creating a More Inclusive Volunteer Program

Entry link: Engaging Millennials: "Tapping into the Nonprofit Next Generation"

Entry link: Fifteen Reflections for a Not-for-Board Member

Entry link: Fraud in the Not-for-Profit Sector: Boards Beware and Be Prepared

Entry link: Fraud Policy Sample

Entry link: Fund Development: Dealing with Donor Burnout

Entry link: Governance for not-for-profit organizations: questions for directors to ask

Entry link: Governance Indicators from a Funder's Perspective

Entry link: Guideline for Police Records Checks

Entry link: Health and Safety Awareness Training

Entry link: Health and Safety Incident Report Template

Entry link: How to Write a Business Case

Entry link: International Day of Charity (September 5)

Entry link: International Volunteer Day (December 5)

Entry link: International Volunteer Managers Day (November 5)

Entry link: It's Time to Start Counting Volunteers Seriously

Entry link: Join and Lead a Nonprofit Board

Entry link: Learning Program Development Guide

Entry link: Managing the Physical Distance of Remote Working Teams in Social Purpose Organizations

Entry link: Meetings Management: Fair and Orderly Meetings

Entry link: Mobile Device Usage in Different Contexts

Entry link: Non-profit institutions and volunteering: Economic contribution, 2007 to 2017

Entry link: Not-for-Profit Incorporation Guides

Entry link: Online Communities Vs Online Communities of Practice

Entry link: Ontario Human Rights Code

Entry link: Peel Data Centre

Entry link: Peel Police Data

Entry link: Performance Improvement: 10 Tips shared by Carine Strong

Entry link: Police Record Hub by John Howard Society

Entry link: Police Records Checks in Ontario

Entry link: Police Records Checks Reform Act

Entry link: Police Records Checks: Frequently Asked Questions about Vulnerable Sector Checks

Entry link: Police Records Checks: On the Record (Publication)

Entry link: Police Records Checks: Peel Regional Police

Entry link: Police Records Checks: Volunteer Management Blueprint

Entry link: Police Records Checks: Youth

Entry link: Preventing fraud in Not For Profit organizations [Knowledge Resource]

Entry link: Questioning Volunteer Management

Entry link: Raising the Bar on Financial Governance

Entry link: Random Acts of Kindness

Entry link: Reimagining Governance in the Non-Profit Sector

Entry link: Risk Assessment Tool

Entry link: Screening Handbook, The

Entry link: Seven Rules for Meaningful Board Engagement

Entry link: Seven Tips and a Performance Evaluation Sample

Entry link: Statistics Canada

Entry link: Strategic Volunteer Management: Expanding Your Organization's Brain

Entry link: Sustainable Development Goals

Entry link: Team Dynamics: Five Key Elements of a Thriving Volunteer Team

Entry link: Ten Steps of Screening Brochure

Entry link: The Board's Role in the COVID-19 Crisis

Entry link: Twenty questions directors should ask about governance committees

Entry link: United Way Greater Toronto Research and Reports

Entry link: Universal Declaration on the Profession of Volunteer Management

Entry link: Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

Entry link: Value of Volunteering in Canada

Entry link: Vital Signs - Mississauga

Entry link: Volunteer Management Handbook: A Resource for Service-Providing Organizations Assisting Newcomers to Canada

Entry link: Volunteer Position Design Canvas

Entry link: Volunteering 2030 – New Paradigms

Entry link: World Kindness Day (November 13)

Entry link: Youth Records: Information in the Department of Justice Website