Twenty questions directors should ask about governance committees

20 questions directors should ask about governance committees

"As a board, do we have the right directors, with the right experience, knowledge and motivation to help us deliver value to the organization? Are we able to effectively set strategic direction with management and oversee and evaluate management’s execution of strategic plans? Are we confident that we have delegated responsibilities effectively across committees? Are we effective in overseeing risk mitigation and staying on top of emerging risks? Do we receive useful feedback through regular evaluations that help us enhance the value we provide? Are we developing candidates to take leadership positions on our board? Do we have an effective and productive relationship with management? How well do we understand stakeholder expectations and is our board proactively engaging with stakeholders in a way that is both productive and mutually beneficial? 

These are just some of the challenging issues that today’s governance committees are helping their boards to address. (Anderson, 2010)."

Reference: Anderson, D. W. (2010). 20 questions directors should ask about governance committees. Toronto: Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants.

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