Sustainable Development Goals

Spearheaded by the United Nations, in 2015, global leaders rallied to established 17 goals to achieve by 2030 to push forward the development of the world. 

They are commonly referred to as Global Goals, which are 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

In 2019, Volunteer Canada's theme for the National Volunteer Week is inspired by these goals.

While most not-for-profits are already engaged in tackling at last one of these goals, this initiative is an effort to put the goals into the centre stage. 

The resources that stem from the SDGs will be valuable content that can be used for program planning, grant writing, and evaluation.

Here are six resources that will inspire you to focus on these goals:

(1) The Global Goals 

(2) The Government of Canada Sustainable Development Goals Data Hub

(3) Volunteerism and the Global Goals:

(4) Volunteer Canada on SDGs:

(5) A Look at the Sustainable Development Goals, United Nations Foundation

(6) How We Can Make the World a Better Place by 2030, Michael Green on TED Talks

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