Corporate Social Responsibility Trends

Five Corporate Social Responsibility Trends You Should Be Watching

Article Written By: Thomas Bognanno for Forbes Nonprofit Council

Introductory Paragraph in the Article"Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has evolved dramatically over the last decade. Most companies are no longer satisfied with just writing checks to charities or sponsoring events. Now, corporate leaders are aligning social impact and employee engagement with business objectives. That means measuring results and ensuring CSR and employee engagement efforts demonstrate real value to the company."

The trends mentioned in the article: (1) Authenticity Is In, (2) Communication Is Key, (3) Diversity Has Business Impact, (4) Volunteering Can Solve Business And Social Challenges, (5) Measuring Is A Must.

Click Reference to Read the Full ArticleBognanno, T. G. (2018, September 13). Five Corporate Social Responsibility Trends You Should Be Watching [Web log post]. Retrieved September 20, 2018, from

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