Seven Tips and a Performance Evaluation Sample

Tip 1: Align your evaluation criteria and questions to the key accountabilities mentioned in the position description. Any performance evaluation criteria should have variables that you can measure against and these variables (duties of the role, standards, and Key performance indicators) should have been communicated to the volunteer when they start in the role. Also, try not to use any off-the-shelf evaluation forms from the web.

Tip 2: Start your evaluation form with questions inquiring the volunteers experience in the position and with the organization. This gives them the respect that you are willing to listen and improve their experience. The key is to make sure you discuss their feedback with them and what you would do with their feedback.

 Tip 3: What would be effective; a one-time annual evaluation or periodic discussions that can be summarised into one annual report.

Tip 4: Strategize. Follow through your performance evaluation with Personal/Professional development plans. Working in an environment where human interaction is a predominant activity, there are bound to be inspiring stories as well as areas to improve. If you have identified any areas for improvement, be ready with how you can help the volunteer to improve. Provide options which they can choose from. Volunteers will appreciate the development opportunities you are giving them.

Tip 5: Measure what matters. This flows through with Tip #1. Measure the impact. You will know best whether your organization strategic priorities are focused on quantity or quality. Measure the impact against the strategic priorities. For example, if you are measuring communication skills, are you measuring the use of the English language or the effectiveness of getting the message across.

Tip 6: What is the root cause? If there are any skills or performance gaps, check to see what the actual root cause is. For example, consistent delays in producing reports could mean either the person does not know how to work with Microsoft Office or that the computer used is extremely slow. Dig deep into the problem.

Tip 7: Use the stories of best practices and high performers to inspire the rest. Bring it to the performance review discussion, but also show it to the world. Many volunteers want to know the impact they make, praise them publicly as and when it happens.

Click on the link below to download a sample volunteer Performance Review template. This form was designed to a particular role at Volunteer MBC. Please use it as a template keeping the above tips in mind.

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