Raising the Bar on Financial Governance

Raising the Bar on Financial Governance: Best Practices for Not-for-Profit Board Directors in Ontario

by BDO Canada

"More than ever before, board members are held to a higher degree of accountability. Anyone who joins the board of a not-for-profit or charitable organization should be prepared to govern with a clear understanding of their responsibilities and a strong focus on best practices. These Acts establish higher standards of oversight in a number of areas — including financial accountability. For example, the duties, powers, liabilities, protections and standards of care for directors are clarified. Not-for-profit corporations must now make their financial statements available to members (BDO Canada, 2015)."

Click the Reference to read the articleBDO Canada. (2015, April 23). Best practices for Not-for-Profit boards of directors in Ontario. Retrieved November 22, 2018, from https://www.bdo.ca/en-ca/insights/industries/not-for-profit-education/best-practices-for-not-for-profit-boards-of-direct

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