Strategic Foresight for Future Planning

In this Versus-COVID-19 discussion forum by Volunteer MBC, Eric Leo Blais and Adriane Beaudry share how to plan for the future as we come out of a public crisis that made the entire sector pivot its operations on a major scale. 

The COVID19 pandemic created a whirlwind of challenges in the social purpose sector. Yet, as we started to adapt to the crisis, it also gave us an excellent learning opportunity through reflection and adaptations in our usual way of things. So, how can we leverage this learning and come out of this pandemic with a win? 

Through 'Strategic Foresight.' Strategic Foresight is the ability to plan for the future by studying existing behaviour and estimating, assessing and projecting its impact moving forward. It is a proven academic discipline that can help social purpose organizations make sense of the world, and the future, when things are unclear. Part of a Strategic Foresight exercise involves the creation of a trend deck (a collection of trends). At the height of the Pandemic, Adriane Beaudry and Eric Leo Blais studied key trends that would impact volunteer engagement post-COVID. In this video, they show how to implement this strategic thinking.

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