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Board Candidate Assessment Form

A set of questions that could be used at a Board Recruitment Interview which also includes a diversity lens.

Board Composition and Recruitment Matrix

A worksheet with a diversity lens free to download and customize to strengthen your not-for-profit's Board composition and to plan out Board recruitment and succession planning.

Board Governance Training Programs

Board of Directors Evaluation Questionnaire

An assessment of the efficiency and the effectiveness of the entire Board as a team - as perceived by each individual member of the Board. This could be conducted anonymously, by identifying the evaluator or reaching consensus through a group discussion. Selecting the most appropriate approach of how it is done is within your discretion. Anonymous evaluations generally yield close to accurate results.

Board of Directors Self-evaluation

Encourage each individual board member to assess their effectiveness as a Board member by completing the attached checklist. This should ideally be recorded and stored as a confidential document and used only for the purpose of self-evaluation and performance management of each director. When using it as a Board Member performance management tool, it is understood that the document is confidential and will be reviewed only by those carryout out the performance discussion.

Board Structure Chart: Working Board

This is a template of a Working Board. Template developed by Kathleen Douglass.

Building Capacity for Caregivers

Session 3 - "Building Capacity" - Connecting Together Series on Seniors Social Isolation: 

The Region of Peel's presentation "Building Capacity for Caregivers":

"Collaborating on Caregiver Education, Support and Engagement Workshop This workshop will focus on collaboration and co-creation to develop an action plan for Caregiver Education, Support and Engagement activities in Peel. Our intent is to bring service provider organizations together to explore concrete ways we can collaborate on sharing resources more effectively to better support Caregivers.

 As a collaborative we can also work towards addressing gaps building capacity voicing Caregiver needs in Peel. Technology and innovation will be key in sharing resources and reaching caregivers utilizing digital platforms, enhancing digital literacy and reducing barriers to accessing supports and resources. Seeking big ideas to help caregivers in Peel."

The Region of Peel's "Google Jamboard" content from their presentation "Building Capacity for Caregivers":

"Informs how we leverage  current opportunities to support caregivers now and develop strategies to address gaps in services, supports and education for caregivers.  We will look to utilize innovative ways to address this common goal through connection, collaboration and technology."

Click the attached files to access the PDF version of this presentation and the "Google JamBoard" content from session:

Region of Peel. (2021, June 14). Building capacity for caregivers [PowerPoint slides]. Region of Peel, Connecting together series.

Building Connected Communities: Social Isolation and Loneliness Toolkit

Session 1 - "Understanding the Issues" - Connecting Together Series on Seniors Social Isolation: 

Centre for Elder Research - Sheridan College:

Building Connected Communities: Social Isolation and Loneliness Toolkit:

Extracted from the website:

"The Social Isolation and Loneliness Toolkit is a collection of resources that address social isolation and loneliness and their impact on older adults and older immigrants in particular. It includes educational presentations, interactive maps, census data sheets, tip sheets, a preliminary screening tool, and various other tools/resources. The Toolkit was designed to be used by anyone in the community who interacts or works with older adults and anyone who might be in a position to either identify and/or provide support to someone who might be at risk of social isolation/loneliness."

Click here to access the resource:

Sheridan Centre for Elder Research. (n.d.). Building connected communities: social isolation and loneliness toolkit. https://source.sheridancollege.ca/centres_elder_building_connected_communities/.


Building Leadership Skills though Volunteerism

“As the battle for talent continues, volunteering can be a strong leg-up on the competition for both prospective employees and employers. Companies that create a culture committed to making an impact and to tapping into their employees’ sense of purpose have the ability to attract and retain top talent.” 

Mike Preston, Chief Talent Officer, Deloitte LLP

Click on the file icon to download the report

Building your Brand through Storytelling

In this Versus-COVID-19 discussion forum by Volunteer MBC, Parveen Dupar from BTI Brand Innovations Inc. explains how to use powerful stories of community service and volunteer engagement of social purpose organizations to share the impact they make on a daily basis.

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