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  • Welcome to the Not-for-profit Essentials Module

    Are you new to a Board? A seasoned expert with years of experience to share? Then this course is just for you!

    This course is designed to facilitate engagement at your own pace. There are 7 mini-chapters and a graded quiz which will remain open until the end of your course enrolment period. The graded quiz will open once you have visited all 7 chapters. Some chapters include audio and some chapters are designed without it. The tool used to develop this eLearning module is screen reader friendly. You will receive a "certificate of Completion" when you successfully complete the quiz.  

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    The purpose of the “Not-for-Profit Board Essentials” course is to provide the foundational knowledge and resources for you to meaningfully participate in not-for-profit board activities.

    Regardless of your level of experience, this eLearning course will provide you with a solid overview of good Board governance.

    You will be provided with valuable tools and in‐depth information to equip you in your role as a leader in the not-for-profit that you are making an impact in. You will learn how you can govern more effectively to assist the organization and its staff in delivering their mission.

    How to Follow this Course: 

    • Flexibility: This course is designed to facilitate engagement at your own pace. There are 7 mini-chapters and a graded quiz which will remain open until the end of your course enrolment period. Once your enrolment period expires, you will no longer have access to the discussion forums, learning activities and the quiz.
    • Completion: You will receive a "certificate of Completion" when you successfully complete the quiz. This quiz is graded and will open only when you have been through all 7 chapters. 
    • System Requirements: You will need highspeed internet access. Please ensure to allow "pop-ups" in your browser. In some browsers, media load time will take up to 5 seconds (+/-).
    • If you need any assistance: Please contact; Shaminda Perera, Manager of Learning & Resource Development, at (905) 238.2622 Ext.222, or via 
    • Duration: Available for 6 months, from the date of payment.

    By participating in this workshop, you will be able to;

    • Describe the significance of board governance to a not-for-profit organization by listing at least three key points related to due diligence, capacity building, organizational accountability, and sustainability,
    • Effectively contribute towards the sustainability of the organization by understanding your role and responsibilities as a board member and, by advocating for the organization,
    • Apply the guiding principles, policies, by-laws, risk management, and legal obligations to establish a strong foundation for an effective and efficient board.
    • Provide direction to a not-for-profit organization by supporting strategic planning, transparent and effective financial management, and measuring and reporting community impact,
    • Support good board dynamics by following efficient and effective communication guidelines, meetings management, team dynamics, and harmonious board engagement

    • New and Current Board Members
    • Those who are thinking of becoming Board Members
    • Executive Directors/Heads of Not-for-profit Organizations
    • Leaders of Volunteers responsible for Board Member recruitment

    Member Rate = C$55.00   |   Non-Member Rate = C$75.00

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    Kathleen Douglass Portrait PhotoKathleen Douglass

    Kathleen is a long time facilitator of Volunteer MBC's Board Governance series. Her subject matter expertise has been invaluable to the creation of this Board Essentials module.

    Kathleen has over 25 years of international experience working both in both the field and leadership levels with formal education in the not‐for‐profit sector. 

    Previously she was the Manager, Volunteer/Community Services with Workplace Safety and Prevention Services (WSPS), where she provided leadership to a provincial team who delivered educational health and safety programmes to Ontarians. She was also one of the architects of Humber College’s Advanced Program in Volunteer Studies and presented sessions on the Governance and Writing Policies modules along with portions of the Fundamentals program for 10 years.  

    She holds an MBA, Strategic Leadership Certificate, Voluntary Sector and Arts Diploma and Fundamentals of Volunteer Management. She is Past President on the PAVRO (Professional Administrators of Volunteer Leaders ‐ Ontario) Board of Directors and currently serves as a District Parliamentarian for Zonta International – a service organization which promotes the status of women in both local and global communities.

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