• Volunteer Performance Management is crucial to the delivery of a Community Service Organization's mission.

    An organization's capacity to engage volunteers in Learning and Development initiatives helps in their Volunteer Performance Management and empowers the volunteer to efficiently and effectively carry out the role.

    However, many community service organizations either lack the knowledge in developing an effective Learning and Development strategy or lack the resources to establish a fundamental Learning and Development infrastructure.

    Join us in our webcast on retaining productive and empowered Volunteers. The aim of this webcast is to provide practical tips on how to leverage Learning and Development as a culture within the organization to elevate productivity through an empowered volunteer team.

    Learning Objectives

    By following this webcast, viewers will be able to;

    • Increase volunteer morale through effective volunteer role design that fosters empowerment and engagement.
    • Identify a learning and development strategy that is aligned with your not-for-profit’s context.
    • Identify how learning technology can be optimized to drive volunteer’s engagement.

    Who is the Webcast For?

    • Leaders of Volunteers and anyone who coordinates the volunteer engagement.
    • Program/Project Managers.
    • Not-for-profit staff who works with volunteers.
    • Executive Directors, Chief Executive Officers, and Social Service Club Leaders. 

    Launched on Dec 6, 2018

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