• Evaluating the ROI of volunteer programs using data, Performance Indicators and information!   

    Are you a leader of volunteers in your organization? Are you held accountable to the impact of volunteer engagement in your community service organization’s programs and services?

    You may be struggling to build a case and highlight the significance of engaging volunteers within your organization. In the 21st century, data and performance indicators are ways to improve and demonstrate the impact of your volunteer programs. Data evaluation also helps to understand the Return on Investment of your volunteers and their efforts. In this unique learning opportunity, you will learn how to use these powerful tools.

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    By participating in this workshop, you will be able to;

    • Define priorities for volunteer engagement that are aligned with the organization’s mission.

    • Understand the significance of performance monitoring of volunteer programs and its role for accurate data evaluation.

    • Understand how to develop performance indicators that matter towards valid ROIs.

    • Understand how to use data, performance indicators, and information, to develop a case for volunteer engagement towards successful mission delivery.

    • Leaders of Volunteers and anyone who coordinates volunteers.
    • Youth engagement coordinators.
    • Program Managers.
    • Staff working with volunteers.
    • Executive Directors.

    Members = $35.00 | Non-members = $55.00

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    Tony Goodrow Profile PictureTony Goodrow

    Tony is the CEO of Better Impact Inc, a volunteer management and donor management software company, headquartered in Hamilton Ontario, with offices in London England, Adelaide Australia and, Chicago and Seattle in the United States. He has been working with Leaders of Volunteers in a variety of capacities since 2001.

    Tony is a former Rotarian, the Founding Chair of the Carpenter Hospice, a ten-bed residential hospice in Burlington and is currently meeting with nonprofits in Burlington to find his next board position. In 2012 Tony began exploring for new ways to measure success in volunteer programs and nonprofits in general and in the end developed what he calls the Relative Impact ROI model. He has presented workshops and keynotes on the subject on five continents.
    Better Impact LogoAt the end of the session, Tony will be happy to respond to any questions you may have regarding the Better Impact Volunteer Management System. Click the logo to learn more about the suite of software products by Better Impact.

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