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  • VETCH - an Affordable and Customizable Learning Portal for Not-for-Profits.

    Significance of Learning in Not-for-Profit Organizations: All not-for-profits provide an essential service to the community and being not-for-profit does not mean that performance does not matter. The community entrusts resources and the not-for-profits have an obligation to function with the highest productivity levels. Further, the community relies on a professional service from the not-for-profit. Therefore, Volunteer MBC Learning Centre believes that to make a high impact in the community, all not-for-profits should be empowered with the capacity to build the skills and competencies of their staff and volunteers. With that in mind, built on the MOODLE (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) open source platform, we offer an affordable service of building an LMS that is solely your own.

    You may have visited this page on your own or you may have been invited by one of our representatives. Please browse around and see whether Vetch is for your organization.

    Purple Crown Vetch ImageBy the way, what is VETCH? 

    "Vetch," is a family of vines that are used for land rehabilitation, animal food and as fertiliser. Because it is used for growth, we found it fitting to borrow it to name our Learning Management System.